I was born in Szeged, 1966. november 19. My parents were traders-entrepreneurs. I first took up a painting brush and a colored pencil when I was about five years old, with the coordination of Cs. Pataj Mihály who is a painter, a graphical and an art teacher. With the teachings of my master, I participated in and won many drawing competitions.
I took leatherworking as my career choice, then after finishing school in 1984, I started my own business where I learned hand sewing and sallang making on a leather sewing stripe. After my time in the military ended, I continued my business designing and producing leather furnishing products. Most of the squeezed, remilled, and painted objects were judged by the "Ipari Lektorátus". At the time I started making leather plastics and pictures, which I also took to be judged, and from 1990 I could show off my work on numerous exhibitions. In the meantime I finished a high school in clothing industry, where I could further master professions related to leather and fur.
I took part in the sorting and organization of exhibitions as one of the founding members of the "A Csongrád Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara Kézműves tagozat". Between 1999-2004 I helped keep the profession alive as president of the Leatherworking profession Mastercommittee. In 2005 I received the Craftsmanship Master-Great award for my high quality leatherworker applied arts labor. I was fourty-three of age when I got into "SZTE-JGYPK Rajz-művészettörténet Tanszék" where I finished in painting specialization.
I've been making panel pictures, graphics, and all sorts of handycraft creations ever since. I'm using all of this knowledge on fields such as but not limited to architecture, interior.

Certificates, acknowledgements